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Wax Hair Removal

For our first-time guests, rest assured the treatments are provided by beauty therapists with more than 20 years of experience and know-how in waxing. We offer various designs based on each customer’s request.
Contact from the form will be “temporary reservation”.
We will inform you of your desired date and time and confirm the availability, and we will contact you by email to confirm your reservation.
It is recommended that wax be applied at least one week after menstruation.
It’s time to get your skin in the best condition for waxing.
□ You cannot receive wax treatment during your period.
□ Wax hair removal one week before and fter your period is NOT recommended.
□ Please do not shave or remove hair before coming in for treatment.
□ Please refrain from wax hair removal if you have had too much to drink or too little sleep on the day before your appointment.
Please take a shower within 10 minutes. This will make it easier to receive the treatment both physically (sanitation-wise) and psychologically.
Our salon uses a “special Brazilian wax” that has been selected carefully based on our many years of experience. This special wax is available to only Shou Beauty SALON guests and members of membership salons. This wax offers less pain and burden on the skin. For other body parts as well, two types of waxes are supplied exclusively to Shou BEAUTY SALON through an agent contract.
* The area around the wax pot is always clean.
* We change the paper sheets for each person.
* Spatula is disposable.
For other details, please contact us directly.
The skin will turn red after waxing regardless of body part. Although rare, some may experience swelling for one or two days after waxing. Please make sure to avoid scrubbing, akasuri (exfoliating body scrub), and hot water after the wax treatment.
Contraindications after wax epilation
Brazilian wax aftercare
Next visit advice
If any swelling pain occurs after waxing, please contact Shou Beauty SALON immediately. We recommend that you consult a specialist if you have skin problems.
  • Brazilian wax Dermatologist consultation contract
  • Dermatologist: Haruko Mizutani (Mizutani skin clinic director)
    Graduated from Tokyo Medical University. After building a career at the Tokyo Medical University Hospital, she opened her own clinic in 2012. Dr. Mizutani is a longtime friend of Hiromi Matsumaru as well as a Shou BEAUTY SALON customer.

    ・ Medical doctor
    ・ Japanese Dermatological Association certified dermatologist
    ・ The Laser Society of Japan Certified Laser Specialist
    ・ Japan Allergy Society Certified Allergist

    Mizutani skin clinic
  • If you have any questions about waxing, please feel free to contact us.
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